Sangeet Band   Piano Warm-up before Concert
Tum Hi Ho  
Sangeet Band performs the entire spectrum of styles. From the most exquisite of Lata Jee’s number, to the most poetic Mehdi Hassan Sahib’s ghazals, from Sonu Nigam’s sweetest numbers, to Atif Aslam’s most energetic jam; we do it all! Enjoy the different types of songs below:





Hi Fayyaz, I hope you guys recovered from the 3 days of performances, I know we haven’t. My family & I want to thank the entire team for an incredible job you guys did here. We still can’t believe how versatile you guys are to perform  3 nights of different styles of music, but you guys are exceptional at what you do…(how does your brother play those drums so fast? lol). Again thank you for having our day even more special.

- Rashida Mehmood